My name's Jay! I'm 24, and I'm also NB (You can refer to me by either He, she or they, either pronoun is fine.) I'm a hobbyist cartoonist looking to eventually make my way into the profession of either comic book work or at the very least animating. This is my FAQ page. There'll be two different sections, one for commission-based questions and another for general things. If something isn't listed, message me, we'll chat about it.

Commission-based FAQ

These are all primarily questions revolving around COMMISSIONS, there'll be more stuff under these few questions, but these need to be said straightaway incase there's ever any confusion.

How much are your commissions?

There should be a page dedicated to this sort of thing as well as contacting me as it will have ways to get up with me in order to place a commission, if not, check back later and it should be added. This website is still under heavy construction and a lot of things will be removed, added, implemented, and taken out at random, so, fair warning.

Can we do an art trade/Can I place a request?

Nnnnnnnnnno. I don't do either of those unless it's with close friend and only then I don't really do them often. This is because it detracts from time involving commissions, personal projects, and doesn't really provide a source of income based around my projects. Please don't ask me for art trades or to do a request, sorry.

Why did you refuse my commission?/Why do you have limited slots?

I tend to turn people down sometimes due to either IRL issues, problems with my focus, or it really just depends on what exactly is going on with my life at that moment. Sometimes if I'm innundated with commissions I'll just turn someone down. As for why I have limited slots, well, it's primarily due to the above. I don't want to overwhelm myself with what is essentially a side-hobby of mine that brings in a bit of income. Sorry but sometimes I have to say no.

Why aren't you done with my commission yet?!

Okay, so, this one's actually (shockingly) super common with me. I have issues focusing, and motivation problems due to having depression and ADHD. Yes I know this sounds like a cop out, right, but it's really the case. I can't exactly focus on my own works sometimes (this website took too long to build really for example) and I tend to forget. If this ever happens, please contact me and remind me just incase. This doesn't mean message me every day for five weeks straight. This means more or less if it's been upwards of two months and you haven't heard anything from me? Get up with me.

Why do you not take money in advance?

See above, but also, I feel like if I take your money ahead of time and I completely forget and never get reminded to continue it or asked about it, I feel like I've ganked your cash. So, unless it's emergency-based commissions, I DO NOT take commission payment in advance. If there is an error in payment after the work is finished that's fine, life happens, but please try to pay at least something. I'm very flexible on prices and payments, it's ok if you come up short or you can't pay the full thing. Just talk to me, we'll work something out, alright?

How many commission slots do you have/Can I buy slots in advance/Do you mind if I get multiple slots?

This one is very VERY situational. Sometimes Yes. Keep in mind I tend to base my commission slots around what people want me to make them. If someone prior to you has me making them a super detailed and shaded image, I will likely have around 1-3 slots. This is the most common slot ammount I have. If you're interested in buying multiple slots in advance, let me know and if my slots are already open, we can work something out after I finish all of my pieces going out.

General Questions!

How old are you?

At the time of writing this? 24.

When's your birthday?

September 10th.

Favorite Color?

I like cold colors, blues, deep purples, teals, that sort of thing.

What's your favorite animal?

Blue jays/Bluebirds. They're precious creatures.

Favorite fictional character?

Samus Aran! Not Zero Suit Samus, though she is alright, I like Samus when she's in the armour more.

Favorite musician?

I listen to a bit of everything, so I don't really have a 'favorite', but I DO love 80's music, sadly no specific artist though.

Do you go to college or do any kind of schooling for this stuff?

Nope! I'm self-taught. Everything you see from me is either a product of what I learned by just absorbing the knowledge on my own accord. I did, however, study a few years of computer tech and did plan to go to college at some point in order to get into either computer science or cybersecurity. Sometimes stuff doesn't pan out like you plan it to, however, and the best teacher you can really rely on is experience and practice.

Did you code this site all by yourself?

Errrr....kinda? I had help along the way from the good ole google and W2Schools here and there, but everything you see so far is basically something I've done on my own accord. It's also, coincidentally, why a lot of pages are missing or incomplete yet. It's just me doing all this by myself, mostly, with some pointers and tips from friends with their own pages. I'm also somewhat beginner with HTML and CSS, but I'm learning a lot. Not really TOO difficult you know?

Where are you based out of/Where do you live?

I'm not gonna go into full specifics due to not wanting to give every bit of my personal info away, but I can say I live in Virginia, USA. I hope that's good enough information for you, nosy :p.

What's your REAL name??

I don't have to reveal that info to you. I don't want people hunting me down or deadnaming me. It's not a fun trip you know? You can call me Jay, as that's a name I'm more accepting of being called. Chances are, though, if you use Paypal for commissioning me, you're going to learn this info anyway. That said, if you do commission me and find out my name, please do not go around calling me that or telling others my name. I really don't appreciate it, and, in the future will likely turn you down for commissions out of personal safety.

Why are you called Jay?

Okay, so, this one is actually one of my favorite stories. Essentially, when I was a kid, I got really into the Hunger Games series of books. I think I got banned from an old dA account of mine and was seething about it for a while. I eventually went and made myself a second account with 'Iamamockingjay' as my username because, well, I liked the design of the pin. So, around this time I had gotten into roleplaying (I was a kid at the time cut me some slack) with two other people on dA too. They started calling me 'Jay' for short. The name stuck with me pretty much forever, and as an added bonus, it's also gender-neutral somewhat. So, yeah. That's how I became 'Jay'.

How long have you been at this whole "art" thing?

Well, I'd like to think since I was very, VERY young. When I was a kid I used to make little comic books and have the teacher staple them together. Sometimes I would get bored and make stop motion animations using barbie dolls and stuff too so animation was always a big passion of mine. Eventually at some point in my early teenager-y years (like probably 11-12 or so) I started wanting to make better art projects and I used to try and draw in an anime-like art style all the time. Eventually, I ditched that. I started taking up after artists I saw that fascinated me. Around my mid-teens, I used to sit in class and draw all the time instead of actually pay attention to anything (so much so that my friends got a bit frustrated with me for it actually and would mess with my sketch books all the time for it as revenge, kinda), and around that time I started wanting to get better with what I saw so I could visualize what's in my head onto a piece of paper. Eventually I graduated high school and to this day I still draw. I think it's because my mom was an artist herself, but really, it's probably because of what I grew up enjoying as a kid.

Do you have any inspirations specifically?/Your art reminds me of something...

Well, yeah! As soon as I was able to figure out what I wanted to do with my skills, I kinda started focusing more and more on art styles based around the artists 'Jamie Hewlett' and 'Jhonen Vazquez', those guys were my basis for learning and improving on what I knew back then. Some of my art still shows imprints of what I learned back then so it kinda draws to themes of similarity of those two artists. That said, I do try to be my own kind of art style, I don't wanna go my whole life being known for drawing similarly to those two or any of my other inspirations that I've garnered over time.

I think I recognize you from somewhere/Did you used to be on [INSERT SITE]?

Probably. I tend to make a ton of profiles on different websites and completely forget about 'em.

What do you do other than draw?

Most of the time, if I'm not drawing or working on something, I'm probably hyperfocused on a game or sleeping (provided there's no IRL reasons for me not to do that, such is life).

Why are you so focused on drawing one character instead of diversifying your character art?/Who's that ginger guy you keep drawing and posting?

Well usually it's because I'm either stuck in an art block, testing something, or they're just super easy for me to practice drawing with.

Who exactly is the green-haired-censor-bar-eyed chick?

Oh, that's Glitch/GlxxcH. They're my persona, or more accurately, a representation of how I draw myself. There's no real lore behind them, actually, other than that. If you were expecting something super deep and complex for why my sona has a censor bar over their eyes, well, sorry. I don't have one other than 'it just looks cool'.

What's 'Mount Pleasant'/'FUTURES'/'AB12M4L'/'Psyker'?

I'll probably actually make a page about this sometime in the distant year of whenever, but, basically, all of these are comics I'm planning. I'm not going to be too up front about what, why, and how these are sitting right here in my FAQ page because that'd basically give all of it away. However, when I do finish planning and writing the comics, I'll be sure to update the portfolio page with a link going to the information for those.

Can I use your art/characters for a personal project without crediting you?

No, you may NOT. Link back to my website, twitter, or other medium of contact where people can see that I made the art. Do not just go 'art is by whoever' and not credit me. Also, please don't use my characters likenesses and claim them as your own. Drawing fan-art is a-ok, please don't claim you made my characters.

Can we be friends?

Firstly, this is a weird question to ask straight away. I'm cool with befriending people, sure, but I'm really dippy and will vanish a lot at random times. Secondly, If you're befriending me in hopes of getting free art from me, no, and you shouldn't be doing that anyway it's not really nice or friend-like.

Thank you for reading my FAQ!