Website author/Designer:

Myself, Jay. I sat down and made a gooooood portion of this site while under the weather with an ear infection during 2020 sometime around my birthday. I wanted a portfolio site to showcase my artworks and everything else I plan to work on in the future, but I also want a place customized with bits and bobs of my tattered personality all about the place. I don't know if it's going to be used as a portfolio as much as it is just a place to put things now that I think about it, but I hope it's around long enough to see use with visitors and people coming by to check out my works; and hey, if you're reading this? Thank you for visiting my site.

Gadgets, Gizmos, and ETC. on this website:

Spotify music player.

So far that's just it yeah.

Thanks to all that made this site possible, and made my life better by being in it:

My friend, Zoe, first and foremost. Without your inspiration to get into coding, and without you having shown me websites before that required CSS/HTML things to customize your page, I'd probably not have as good of a grasp on coding for these things as I do now. I'm still a little below-average on my knowledge about this sorta thing, but you've helped me out a good portion of the way. You've also been there for me for a good long time now, I wanna mention that too, and thank you for putting up with all the zanyness that comes outta me at random times or with whatever happens with me. It means a lot.

Jon, for putting up with my bullshit 24/7. You're a good person, and I know sometimes I can be a handfull of a person to deal with but you've been here for me through thick and thin for a while now. You don't know how much I appreciate you having been here for me during all almost 4 years now as I write this of very confusing and annoying things that I've gotten into.

Neocities and all it's similar kin, for still existing out here in the vast deep ocean of the internet for all these years for us poor people that can't afford expensive hosting or for the people just starting out on hosting a website, also because it's nostalgic to be able to make a "Geocities"-type site in the year 2020 and up.

Those who walked before me so I could run. You know your names, probably not mine though. There's too many of you to credit all at one time, but thank you for being big inspirations in my life, works, and everything else going for me.